A rundown of my benchmark accomplishments

It’s been 2 and a half months since I quit my job. The guilt has already set in. I feel blocked and lazy, like I’m not doing enough. But even so, here’s a reminder of a few things I’ve done:

  • Written, recorded and edited 30 lessons
  • Re-designed my blog and drafted 4 long articles
  • Increased the number of Instagram posts
  • Did a course on Sketch UX
  • Designed wireframes for my app

I read this blog entry by Cal Newport on how to acquire useful career skills. The blog talks about how benchmark accomplishments are better than drilling down on a specific skill. This is because one is vague and the other is specific and goal-oriented.

So I thought it would be useful to write down my benchmark accomplishment goals:

  • Publish 500 Instagram posts (I’m currently on 154)
  • Publish 200 blog entries (I’m currently on 4)
  • Design and launch app
  • Do a second round of user research once the app is launched
  • Contact 20 companies about running wellbeing workshops (this will be the most difficult for me personally)

As a secondary goal, I want to retrain as a UX Researcher. While I am a Digital Marketer, I want to design and develop products. I want to spend a couple of years focusing on my start-up and developing my skills. Therefore benchmark accomplishments for this would include:

  • Set up a portfolio website (including my own app and website)
  • Complete a UX bootcamp (but need to find ways of funding this)

At what point the above will happen depends on what happens in the next two years. I also want to begin shooting a personal documentary. There is no pressure for this as I imagine it will be a very long process, but I think it would be useful to start getting some footage. So for this project, my aim will be:

  • Film one thing a month

As I work towards these benchmark accomplishments, I hope to give you an update every month. But I am not allowed to give up until I have reached these benchmark accomplishments. Nor am I allowed to get obsessed with stats until I have at least accomplished what is on my list.